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there is a coat rack on the wall
Instant Storage: Hanging Shelves Made in San Francisco - Remodelista
three framed pictures hang on the wall next to each other in front of wooden paneled walls
Picture Rail Hanging Systems
Picture Rail Hooks and Picture Rail Hangers by Gallery System Art Displays
an image of a wall with wires attached to it and the name, picture rail hook
Some Picture Rail Hanging Options | UK Picture Framing Supplies Blog
an empty room with concrete walls and benches
This concrete cliff house is the definition of brutal
three light chandelier with glass balls hanging from the ceiling, on an isolated white background
a glass light hanging from a ceiling fixture with an orange and brown shade on it
a blue chair sitting in front of a wooden cabinet next to a painting on the wall
Parisian Charm at its Best: Hotel Henriette
a chair sitting in front of a wall with a potted plant hanging from it
two vases sitting on top of a blue table
Eijffinger Lino
a yellow chair sitting in front of a shelf filled with baskets and other decorative items
Nieuw: Eijffinger Terra
a yellow couch sitting in front of a wall with a painting on it's side
Wandkleed Grunge