eniaftos: The secret to happiness is gratefulness and appreciation, scientists conclude

this is a great picture idea

eniaftos: 20 Truths About Life You Didn't Learn In School

If you are planning a romantic mountain getaway, then you will definitely want to book a stay in a Smoky Mountains bed and breakfast.

eniaftos: Stop Living on Autopilot: 5 Ways to Live an Amazing Life

You can choose to live an amazing life. Or you can choose to be a zombie, take the easy path, and sit there on autopilot.

eniaftos: Recognizing the signs of child abuse and how to help prevent it

Cyber bullying statistics shows that the internet is becoming a haven of bullies. Know the facts and ways to prevent cyber bullying.

eniaftos: Gregg Braden: The False Assumptions of Science

gregg braden science of miracles - Bing Videos

eniaftos: 5 Books With the Power to Change Your Life

This video connects music, art, reading, and writing to further student comprehension regarding mood and tone.

eniaftos: 12 Roald Dahl Quotes to Put the Magic Back in your Madness

It takes a unique soul to captivate the minds and hearts of children with words, particularly generation after generation.

eniaftos: Harvard Scientists Say That There May Be An Ancient Earth Inside Earth

Pingualuit Crater (formerly : Chubb Crater and New Quebec Crater) - Ungava Peninsula of Quebec, Canada - miles km) diameter - ± Million Years Ago

eniaftos: Watch What Would Happen If Humans Went Extinct…

Read through the comments on most TrueActivist posts and you’re likely to come across the statements “Humans are a plague to this plan.

eniaftos: Tear apart the recipe

It is not that easy to stand and face yourself. We usually play hide and seek with our little self i.

eniaftos: 7 questions that will help you discover the meaning of life

Nobody thinks having to get up for an 8 AM class or 8 hour work day is fun. Here are some ways to become a morning person if you struggle in the mornings.

eniaftos: How To Stay Motivated When You’re Not In The Mood To Do Anything

By Amita Patel No matter how motivated we consider ourselves as people, there are always going to be times when are less than excit.

eniaftos: Supermarket tricks that make you buy more and spend more

Supermarket workers' minimum wage pay topped up by in benefits, says Citizens UK - Home News - UK - The Independent

eniaftos: 10 Questions To Help You Tap Into Your Purpose

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eniaftos: 10 Signs You Are Probably An Ambivert (The Most Flexible Personality)

Introvert Extrovert test scores me as a Chameleon, an Ambivert. Kiersey test scores me as Introvert, but 20 years ago as an Extrovert, albeit not a strong one. Think I will go with Ambivert.

eniaftos: 10 Questions that Will Change the Way You Think About Your Problems

Liberals speak as if Nature is THE thing.and Man is another, I say MAN is THE thing and Nature is our Canvas.