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How to make a Katana ? « Samurai Sword Shop Info Center

How to make a Katana ?

Hold the knife at 22 degrees when you sharpen it with the steel. How to Sharpen Knives:

Sharpen knives quickly and keep them that way with two simple tools and a little practice. Learn how to sharpen a knife here.

Top Ten Knifemaking Tools for the Beginner - YouTube

In this video, knifemaker Walter Sorrells gives his line-up of the first ten tools that you& need in order to make knives. It might surprise you that mos

Bevel Filing Jig

Decided to upgrade my filing jig. Must've made about thirty knives on the old MDF one. I like the simplicity and flexibility of this method so have put.

Making a knife from an old circular saw blade!

I’d like to preface this project with a couple notes: If you’re looking to make a high quality knife, don’t use a table saw blade;