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Step-by-step instructions for making homemade gnocchi with those leftover mashed potatoes I'll inevitably have post-Thanksgiving.

easy gnocchi w clear directions 2 c potato 1 c flour 1 egg. AM needed extra flour, and to put seasonings at first step, took longer than expected, but good, and kid friendly

Scottish Porridge: Traditionally, porridge is stirred with a wooden rod called a 'Spirtle' or 'Spurtle', which looks a bit like a drumstick.Superstition has it that Scottish porridge should always be stirred clockwise - and preferably with your right hand - otherwise the Devil will come for the person doing the stirring! # Porridge is traditionally served in wooden bowls, and eaten standing up. Each spoonful should be dipped in a bowl of cream that's shared by everyone at the table

This Jamaican Oats Porridge Recipe is one of the famous Jamaican porridge recipes that you can try. Very easy and delicious!