Xanthippi Tzortzaki

Xanthippi Tzortzaki

Xanthippi Tzortzaki
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cubism. Sculpture- boxes coming towards viewer? Painted area in middle

This represents line, the various lines that circle the face direct the audience's eye to the face and more specifically the eyes. These lines are also used to define the edges of the face and eyes.

I think this photo fits order and disorder because it's a collage of different peoples faces but they make up one person, I think this shows how other people can influence you without you realising.

FRAGMENTS Michelle Claesson Eismann - springboard off her artwork; try piecing together your own face from magazine pictures!

Use this idea for folding up the face. Photograph in a white frame? To signify simplicity // I really like the way this image has been made by cutting bits up and moving them around. I also really like how the subject is in the middle of a white background.

Origami inspired by Aldo Tolino Task: Workshop Using simple folding techniques, produce a creased portrait image (colour or black and white). -Draw on top of creased paper to fold -Use paper to create my illustration to then fold and scan in

Journal Fodder Junkies: Trace a simple shape in different sizes. Shade to add the illusion of SPACE.

Artist: Journal Fodder JunkiesThis piece of work shows lines to create the shapes, and different purple values to show space.

cubism still life mixed media collage: High School

Have students cut drawing into geometric shape and then choose other paper to relate to meaning and collage with! cubism still life mixed media collage: High School