Beautiful but a lil crazy squad! More like crazy but a ill beautiful squad! -wise words of an Aquarius

Τις πραγματικά δυναμικές γυναίκες, να μάθεις να τις σέβεσαι και να τις αγαπάς εις διπλούν και τριπλούν, γιατί όσο μένουν μαζί σου, το κάνουν μόνο γιατί σε θέλουν κι όχι από ανάγκη.

I believe the translation is meaning that a dynamic woman should be loved because she stays because she wants to stay with you, not out of necessity.

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Life is uphill - but once you reach the top.... the view is amazing!

Life is uphill - but once you reach the top. the view is amazing!