Xara Sfakianaki

Xara Sfakianaki

Chania  ·  Im am almost never sure, about what i want but im always sure about what i don't want! <3
Xara Sfakianaki
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I got Jack Russell!! What's Your Inner Dog Breed?

‘Jack Russell’ owners must sometimes wonder who it is that their dog is named after. Jack Russell, as it turns out, was an English parson known as the ‘The Sporting Parson’, who began to breed terriers for sport in the first half of the century.

16 Things Only Jack Russell Parents Understand - BarkPost

Jack Russell Terriers require what may seem to be an extraordinary amount of human attention, outdoor activity, discipline and an understanding and acceptance of their unique nature .


I like the consistent natural beige and brown color scheme in this apartment styled by Josefin Haag for Fantastic Frank (Photography by Joakim Johansson). It puts me in a fall mood and I think I will try decorating my home with … Continue reading →