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three bottles of wine in a cardboard box
18 Cool Ideas for Paper and Cardboard Packaging: Ideas & Inspiration в журнале Ярмарки Мастеров
18 Cool Ideas for Paper and Cardboard Packaging, фото № 16
a wine bottle holder made out of cardboard
Julien Miquel #Wine on Twitter
“Sustainable #Wine Packaging Would you carry u're wine with this? @winewankers #WineLover”
a bottle of wine with the label on it
Pam’s Unoaked Chardonnay Wine Design | CF Napa Brand Design
CF Napa Brand Design - Pam's Unoaked Chardonnay - CF Napa
four packages of tea with flowers and leaves on them, all labeled in different colors
Pharma Herbs - Health & Pharmacy - Package Inspiration
Pharma Herbs by Daria Fox Source: Daily Package Design Inspiration. Pin curated by #SFields99 #packaging #design:
several images of different types of honey in boxes and packages, with labels on them
Mein Honig – Brand Identity
Brand Identity by Thomas Lichtblau.My Honey („Mein Honig“) comprises various exclusive sorts of honey, all carefully harvested and traditionally pressed on sunny hills of Upper Austria. Our bees do not only gather premium honey; they also help preserve …
three different views of jars and spoons with labels on them, one is filled with honey
Craft package design jam package design apple jam / tangerine jam made by, eunjin since. 2015
several different angles of the same piece of wood with green and white designs on it
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Muy ingeniosa la forma de modificar el sobre y aprovechar el formato del papel para resaltar el diseño.
an assortment of cards and envelopes are shown in this graphic art workflowe
Vilde | Linda Hurtig
the packaging design for honey is shown in three different colors
Honora Honey. Agency: Curious Design. Designer: Monique Pilley
some jars with different types of food in them
Transparent Jar Labels on Behance
three images showing the different types of ice creams in their containers and packaging designs
Gelateria Seta
Gelateria Seta by Mel Bruning
some eggs are sitting in an egg carton
Domilovo eggs packaging designed by Getbrand - branding agency​ -