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the badges are all black and white, with different designs on each one piece of paper
DIY Home Decor | Chalk Couture
the rolling stones'tongue is painted on a black plate with white writing and red lips
Rolling Stones Vinyl
a black plate with sunglasses on it that says live in the moment and palm trees
Painted Vinyl Record/live in the Moment/unique Gifts/gift for | Etsy
a bunch of different colored donuts hanging from a wall with clock faces on them
Cd paintings 💿
a paper plate with the word mars painted on it next to scissors and other crafting supplies
painted records✨
a black circle with flowers and leaves on it
This item is unavailable - Etsy
a white and yellow flower painted on top of a black and white table cloth with an ornate design
KlocksByKirby | Etsy
a painted disc with the words i'll ride the wave on it
Pearl Jam release Lyrics Painted on a Vinyl | Etsy