- иконописная мастерская В.Довнара - иконописная мастерская В.Довнара

Holy Virgin Pelagia (3rd cent Tarsus, Asia Minor) heard about Christ through friends and believed. To remain pure, she refused to marry a prince and fled home to be baptized. The prince committed suicide; the emperor also proposed and Pelagia refused. Her flesh melted like myrrh in a red-hot oven, filling the city with fragrance; her unharmed bones were cast out of the city. 4 lions guarded them until they were found by the Bishop who had baptized her; he buried them. (May 4)

Pelagia: Distinguished as Pelagia of Antioch, Pelagia the Penitent, and Pelagia the Harlot, was a legendary Christian saint and hermit in the or century.

St. Paraskevi  of Rome - July 26 - by Maria Hatjivasiliou

Paraskevi of Rome - July 26 - by Maria Hatjivasiliou

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