Athens,Greece / I love anime , especially Naruto and I love Sasuke and hate Sakura . I also watch Death Note , Vampire Knight , Amnesia , Mirai Nikki , Fairy Tail ,Kuroko no ba
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Some guys blush loudly others blush softly and then there are the one that blush on propose *cough cough* Sebastian *cough*

Kuroshitsuji- Anime

Black Butler - this will always be the part your watching others happen to walk in on you

Manga Art on Japanese Train

Manga Art on Japanese Train from the anime Hanasaku Iroha Blossoms for Tomorrow

Reasons for being single...

They're all true for me especially the last one. However I hate myself so I really don't think they're all true after all.

Lol true

I have no idea XD Maybe that's why I want to dye my hair a "wild color." I just want to be the main character in my own anime. You Are the main character in your own story.