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Χρύσα Κα.

Χρύσα Κα.
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How to make easy DIY painted vases.

love this idea How to make easy DIY painted vases. This would be cool with thrift store vases and then painted in bright jewel tones.

Daddy Cool!: Ψεκάζει με σπρέι τα κοχύλια.Γιατί; Δείτε το ΒΙΝΤΕΟ και σίγουρα θα το δοκιμάσετε!

She Sprays Paint Onto These Seashells.I would add essential oils in the melted wax

Super easy DIY Mirror!! I need this!

DIY Plywood floor mirror These Plywood floor mirror are perfect for your bedroom . Get the tutorial here. DIY Hollywood style mirror with lights Add a touch of fashion and styl…