Gustav Klimt - Γκούσταφ Κλιμτ

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Η Ύδρα (1904)

The Hydra - Gustav Klimt located at austrian gallery belvedere

Αδάμ και Εύα (1917-18)

Hand painted reproduction of Adam and Eve 1917 - 1918 painting. This masterpiece was painted originally by Gustav Klimt. Commission your beautiful hand painted reproduction of Adam and Eve 1917 - Choose from many different sizes.

Ξαπλωμένο γυμνό προς τα δεξιά (1910)

Ξαπλωμένο γυμνό προς τα δεξιά (1910)

Το πάρκο (1910)

The Park - 1910 - Sürrealizmin mucidi ressam Gustav Klimt .

Ηλικιωμένη (1909)

Women / Alte Frau (Old Woman) Gustav Klimt (artist). This is a departure from Klimt's usual painting of "modern" women.

Ιουδήθ - Σαλώμη (1909)

Giuditta II, Gustave Klimt, Galleria internazionale d’arte moderna, Venezia

Θάνατος και ζωή (1908)

Klimt, one of my favorite artists. Death and Life - Gustav Klimt 1908 - 1916

Το φιλί (1907-08)

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Προσωπογραφία της Αντέλ Μπλοχ Μπάουερ (1907)

Gustav Klimt - Adele Bloch-Bauer I 1907 Kb); Oil and gold on canvas, 138 x Austrian Gallery, Vienna Adele Bloch-Bauer clasping her hands (she had a deformed finger).