Jean Leon Gerome

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Ο Μολιέρος και ο Louis XIV

Jean-Leon Gerome (Jean Leon Gerome) Louis XIV and Molière Oil on canvas 75 x 42 cm x Private collection


The Birth of Venus: Pulling Yourself Out Of The Sea By Your Own Bootstraps

Μεθυσμένος Βάκχος και Έρωτας

Jean-Leon Gerome : Drunken Bacchus and Cupid

Κυρία ωραία ντυμένη

Femme circassienne voilée: Veiled circassian beauty Jean-Léon Gérôme (French, Oil on canvas. The pensive face is above a contraposto that does not disturb the pensive expression on.

Ο Πολύφημος

Jean-Leon Gerome (Jean Leon Gerome) Polyphemus Oil on canvas

Ο γητευτής

The Serpent Charmer :: Jean-Leon Gerome - scenes of Oriental life ( Orientalism) in art and painting

Αρματολός τραγουδάει

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