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Sehun asking for wind and everyone does it for him. xD. Chanyeol couldn't even take it and had to laugh. Seriousness is not his forte

Aww o Sehun tava pedindo vento e eles todos fizeram pra ele❤❤Fofos

Just laugh it off Kyungsoo. Lol Suho's face tho too cute X3

Kyungsoo being scared by Suho then laughing about it [the lovely umma and appa of EXO-K]

GIF - Luhan and Chanyeol that is what I do with my friends too! It's either have someone to hold onto or lay on:)

❝Un pequeño accidente termina con un dolor de cabeza para Oh Sehun, e… # Fanfic # amreading # books # wattpad

One touch and everybody go back in their place... Everybody is scared by Kyungsoo! xD Gif

O nudging Xiumin so he can turn around.I like how he obeyed instantly and was nervously glancing at one dares disobey satansoo! And then there's baekhyun in the back glancing at both of then like 'oh shit'

Avoid obstacles like a boss, KyungSoo style

Avoid obstacles like a boss, KyungSoo style and still keeping that blank expression as always. SquishySoo is so adorable.

#Never not repinning this GIF :3 (#Kaisoo #OTP)

Kyungsoo: always being serious and methodical about fan service Kai: always "k, I did it."// Kai looks hot here though


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