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oh Jin I love u so much

Lol, unless Jin is speaking to Suga, it's a soliloquy. But, this is hilarius anyway. [Sorry, I'm a English Nerd]

This is just Jin.and the fact he was awkward since he was born is why I love him oh so much. So pretty, so awkward.<<"it tastes like you're gaining weight" hahaha me when I eat fast food

☆~Sometime We Are Like Stars. We Fall So Someone's Wish Can Come True. ~ ☆ LH : YAS♡

I love them both so much❤BTS is my UB group, but I love and the fact that all the members of both groups get along so well and so naturally makes me so happy☺

Jackson and Wooyoung... I mean we know he's daaaamn fine but calm yourself

When you're multifandom trash and can relate to jackson but want to be wooyoung 😂😂😂

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Why does he look so damn adorable with that mask on? Like his eyes says all his emotions so maybe that's why he looks like a squishy puppy~ <<< AWWWWWWW

OMG ... EXO School

School with EXO. I took all the subject they've learned. nearly subs~ Top subject is about NATURE~ EXO is Science to me~

Are we not going to talk about Chen in the last picture<= no...we can't

Are we not going to talk about Chen in the last picture<= no.we can't.I do wat Chen does every time I use chopsticks which is


Chen's so sweet! But if he did that and I woke up I would probably scream and start kicking before I realize what the hell he's doing XD

LOOL!!!! XD Chen!!! #exo-m

what the heck Umin oppa~ keke aigo~ well i bet Chen is just going to be laughing his ass just knowing about this~!