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an image of a glass object in the air that looks like hexagonal shapes
A perfectly beautiful natural hexagon: A snowflake! I love the little filigree on the inside. It looks almost fractal.
a snowflake is shown against a blue sky
Snowflakes and Snow Crystals
Photographed using a special snowflake photomicroscope by Kenneth G. Libbrecht
an image of a snowflake that looks like it is floating in the air
Christmas Photo: Real Snowflakes!
Real Snowflake Pictures | Real Snowflakes! - Christmas Photo (9447478) - Fanpop fanclubs
a snowflake is shown against a blue and pink background with the sky in the background
Feb 7th, 2011, A complex natural snow crystal.
two identical structures, one with red balls and the other with white circles on black background
Snowflakes are Hexagonal | ScienceGeist
a snowflake with multicolored feathers is seen in the air on a blue background
a snowflake that has been cut into pieces
Самая большая снежинка / Знаете ли Вы... / Экология производства — научно-практический портал
a snowflake is shown against a blue sky
Disappointed you didn't get a white Christmas? Here's a chance to take a VERY close look at snow
Using a specially designed photo-microscope called the SnowMaster 9000, 53-year-old, Kenneth Libbrecht braves subzero temperatures to catch falling snow flakes, photographing them before they melt. Placing the snowflake underneath the microscope, he illuminates the snowflake with coloured lights.
a snowflake is shown in the dark with many small pieces on it's side
Waves of Ice
Waves of Ice | Flickr - Photo Sharing!