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The Worst Case of Child Abuse In US History - The Murder of Baby Brianna (GRAPHIC)

Brianna Mariah Lopez a.a “Baby Brianna” (February 2002 – July Brianna Lopez who is also known to many as “Baby Brianna”, was a baby girl who was born in a New Mexico hospital …

Two medical examiners concluded that Alissa had been deceased hours before arriving to the emergency room.

Little Girl Autopsy along with journey ann cowart 1 yo girl accused brandy ann boyd mother and moreover little girl who was bitten by a pit bull almost two .

Horrific murders |

named Lizzie Borden. Andrew sustained 11 blows from an axe on his head while taking a nap on the couch, while Abby, who died an hour or so before him, had suffered 18 or 19 blows.

Colleen Slemmer crime scene

Crime scene photos of Christa Gail Pike, an American woman sentenced to death in Tennessee on March 1996 for the torture and murder of Colleen Slemmer on January

Giant skull...FYI -->100s of discoveries were found in the U.S, only for it to be ignored or taken away by Smithsonians never to be seen again...(I don't know how real this pic is, but I do know that the comment is true.)

This giant skull was discovered in the India Desert in an area called the Empty Quarter. (In the Bible the gaints where called "Nephilim".