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Yiannis Aslanis
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By becoming the world's pattern, the power will never falter. This is returning to Limitlessness.

Menswear Inspiration: Light grey suit, lavender shirt, navy tie with pindots. -Know whats fun? Try thinking of ways to translate this into something for a woman to wear. There are both obvious and very subtle ways, try different ones and see what works.

Monochrome Shirts X Plaid Jackets

I dont normally like these jackets but this one looks good. Every business man needs a definitive sports jacket. Checkered blue jacket with a small yet eye-catching lapel pin (in maroon, no less) works wonder with in an otherwise plain blue/grey ensemble.

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Business Casual: The Houndstooth Blazer

Outfit idea and styling tips for how to wear a houndstooth blazer. One piece of a houndstooth suit, shows how to wear the houndstooth jacket as a separate.