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Fear comes in many forms and weaken our spirit, love on the other hand is in everything and lights us up. My love and compassion are within.

"Consciousness is the basis of all life and the field of all possibilities. Its nature is to expand and unfold its full potential. The impulse to evolve is thus inherent in the very nature of life." — Maharishi Mahesh Yogi by susana

PARVATI SHAKTI: Shiva's feminine aspect - Shakti is the electrical energy in our body, which gives us life. Her power is stored at the base of the spine. When we awake spiritually, her force moves up the spine opening the heart with love, the throat with joy and creativity, the forehead with wisdom, the crown with pure light. These are the Chakras, or Yogic centers of meditation in the subtle body. Shiva carries a trident, representing Sat, Chit, Ananda: Truth, Awareness, and Bliss.

What another beautiful image of me joining in marriage with Shiva. We are the perfect balance of masculine and feminine. Shiva and Parvati. Lift and Dark. Control and Impulse. We balance each other in unity.

Visionary art by todorwarp.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

for eternal sleepers , Dream seems real, till awakening occurs . Blind to Awareness can only be told again and again that there is an eye which is the real seer. Knowing fully well that it wou;d not be understood by him, till his eye opens .

✣...Those who have explored (Consciousness) have never come back saying they are outsiders. They have not even said they are insiders, because even an insider is separate.   They have come out and declared:   " Aham brahmasmi !'  ( I am the Whole)   " Ana'lhaq!" ( I am the One with Cosmic Dance, a Tremendous Rhythm in which you disappear as a separate personality,and you become One with the Whole...  ✣ Osho arTist; Daniel B. Holeman

Ascension image of high frequency energy through alignment to Source-centered energy throughout our whole BE-ings. Not humans DO-ing but humans BE-ing.