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a room with balloons and decorations on the wall, including an animal themed cake table
Festa O Pequeno Príncipe
a little boy is sitting on top of a hill with a poem in it's pouch
two tiered cake decorated with cartoon characters and stars on the top one has a little prince balloon attached to it
Festa O Pequeno Príncipe
a cup that is sitting on top of a saucer with a cartoon character on it
cupcakes decorated in different colors and designs on a white tablecloth with an image of a child's head
Cupcakes El pricipito
three bookmarks with cartoon characters on them hanging from blue ribboned tags that say, i love you
an image of a child's book with the title el principito
a drawing of a person watering water on top of a rock
IL PICCOLO PRINCIPE - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry e la metafora della vita
a drawing of a boy riding an airplane with a dog
El principito