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There are many do-it-yourself applications for using essential oils for the home, work, school, and even on the go. Follow this board for do-it-yourself tips…
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Clearing the air and boosting self-confidence—that’s the power of aromatherapy. We’ve bottled it in our DIY linen spray. #DIY #recipe #essentialoils #yleo #gift
If we could put sunshine in a bottle, this blend would be it. Packed with citrus oils such as Grapefruit, Lemon, and Lime and the lively, bright scents of Raven, Black Pepper, and Geranium, this DIY Sunrise linen spray is a sunlit orchard in every spritz. #DIY #recipe #essentialoils #yleo

Linen Spray Blends

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Create your own essential oil perfume for National Fragrance Day! #yleo #YLtip #essentialoils #DIY #NationalFragranceDay
This DIY Rosy Dawn roll-on blend will make you feel as fresh as a rose garden at sunrise, as it's a floral masterpiece. It combines 5 drops of uplifting Bergamot, 3 drops of calming Patchouli, and 2 drops of intoxicating Rose essential oil. Fill the rest of the bottle with V-6 or coconut oil, olive oil, or grapeseed oil. #spring #aromatherapy #mood #diy #recipe #essentialoils #perfume #gift #yleo
This DIY Cool and Collected roll-on blend will help you step into the limelight from its citrus-inspired blend. It combines 3 drops of tart Lime, 5 drops of woodsy Cedarwood, and 2 drops of warm Patchouli essential oil creating a summer-ready scent. Fill the rest of the bottle with V-6 or coconut oil, olive oil, or grapeseed oil. #spring #aromatherapy #mood #diy #recipe #essentialoils #perfume #gift #yleo

Roller Blends

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Step out in style and get glammed with these DIY Patchouli perfume essential oil roll-on recipes! These all-natural blends will provide a unique scent that makes each day extraordinary. #diy #gift #perfume #cologne #recipe #aromatherapy #essentialoils #yleo
Reminiscent of orange blossoms and crisp apples, this DIY Bombshell Blossom delectable body spray is almost good enough to eat. Roman Chamomile and Lemon mingle for a fruity fragrance, while Rose and Neroli add a touch of floral luxury. Imagine an orchard drizzled in honey and you’ll come close to this exquisite scent. #DIY #perfume #bodyspray #natural #recipe #essentialoils #yleo
Go big on bold with the spicy scent of Black Pepper and the dark, earthy aroma of Patchouli with this DIY Midnight Spice body spray. These notes are joined by Cedarwood and Vetiver for a scent evocative of freshly cut grass and newly sawn wood. Magnetic and mesmerizing, this fragrance is impossible to forg

Body Spray Blends

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Being stuck at home has its upsides. Freshen your home and your decor with this DIY scented wreath made with essential oils! #ylathome #diy #essentialoils #decor #youngliving #yleo *Young Living no longer uses therapeutic grade in our brand marketing.
Nothing says “welcome home” like a bit of nature and the bright scents of Lemon and Eucalyptus. We’ve captured all the above in this easy DIY Essential Oil Infused Wreath! #DIY #essentialoils #decor #home #yleo
Decorate your home with standout DIY aroma stones using your favorite essential oils! #yleo #DIY #essentialoils


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Keep your pet's paws happy all year round with this homemade pet ointment! This DIY Paw Balm Infused with Essential Oils is perfect for both dogs and cats who play outside all day. #yleo #essentialoils #diy
Give your pets some TLC with this DIY paw balm: https://goo.gl/UQ8v8k
Try out this purrfect DIY upcycled cardboard cat scratcher for International World Cat Day by following these instructions: 1. Cut off the bottom of the cardboard box to create a base. 2. Use the straight edge to cut enough strips of cardboard (with corrugated sides) to fill your base tightly. 3. Using non-toxic classroom glue, glue the strips (corrugated sides up) into the base box and to each other. Repeat until the box is full. 4. Sprinkle catnip. #InternationalCatDay #cat #diy #YLatHome


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A clean brush is a happy brush! Give your brush a makeover using essential oils with this DIY makeup brush cleaner. #diy #yleo #essentialoils
DIY Makeup Remover Pads with Lavender | Young Living Blog
DIY Makeup Setting Spray


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Are big fears of unfriendly monsters keeping your little ones awake at night? Whip up a few of our fun, kid-friendly monster sprays and infuse your bedtime ritual with EOs: https://goo.gl/JJGTqy
Here's the perfect young living tip for Shark Week! Create your very own DIY Ocean Slime. #SharkWeek #YLtip #youngliving #yleo #DIY
"There’s nothing to do; I’m bored!" 😤⁣ Keep your little ones creative and busy when the weather is too chilly for outdoor fun.⁣ #yleo #playdough #diyplaydough #diy #essentialoils


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Happy Teacher Day! Thank your teachers for everything they have done this year with this gift for Teacher Appreciation Week or give it as an end of the school year gift. Save the image, print it out using the 2×3 wallet size, cut out the dotted circle, and place over a bottle of Orange essential oil! #gift #teachersday #essentialoils #youngliving #yleo
Invite your friends over for a spa-themed make-and-take party!
Head over to the blog to download customizable essential oil themed gift tags.


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Ylang Ylang essential oil is a great addition to any skincare routine. *Young Living no longer uses therapeutic grade in our brand marketing.
Give your hair an ultra-shiny appearance by rubbing a couple drops of Cedarwood essential oil into your hands and applying to clean, dry hair. #YLtip #essentialoils #haircare #yleo
Need to jazz up your hair routine? Try this fun DIY Mermaid Hair Spray that's good for all hair types! Add 10 drops of Lavender, 10 drops of Copaiba, 10 drops of Cedarwood, 10 drops of Rosemary, 5 drops of Patchouli, and 2 ounces of alcohol-free witch hazel to a 4-ounce glass bottle. Fill the remainder with water and spritz this into your hair when it's lightly damp to create beautiful, luscious-looking(and delicious-smelling) locks! #diy #haircare #aromatherapy #essentialoils #youngliving #yleo

Hair Care

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An Oil Cleanse to Keep Your Skin Timeless-Looking | Young Living Blog
Refresh your skin with this DIY Winter Glow Face Mask using Nutmeg and Cinnamon Bark essential oils! #yleo #diy #essentialoils
Face the year confidently—and boost your cold-weather skin care routine with a DIY clay mask recipe using Geranium, Tea Tree, and Lemon essential oils. #diy #recipe #skincare #aromatherapy #essentialoils #youngliving #yleo

Skin Care

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Do you have stinky feet and bad odors in your shoes? Thankfully, Young Living Essential Oils has a great natural DIY shoe odor erasing powder recipe, and we want you to try it! This powder uses all-natural ingredients and our Thieves essential oil blend, which can help eliminate odors, leaving you with a clean smell. #diy #recipe #essentialoils #youngliving #yleo
You’re not sure how to remove tough stains from clothes or how to remove old stains—all you know is that you don’t want to use stain-removal products filled with harsh chemicals. There’s a lot of info and stain removal tips out there, but we have one we’re sure you’ll love. Try out this DIY stain stick remover using Thieves Laundry Detergent and Lemon essential oil. The recipe is simple, and the results are fabulous! #diy #ylathome #cleanhome #thieves #essentialoils #youngliving #yleo
Create a DIY essential oil aromatherapy sachet to add the delicate scent of Lavender in unexpected places. These pocket-sized pouches give a tiny dose of aromatherapy and freshen up any unpleasant-smelling areas such as your closets, garbage cans, linen drawers, and more. Instructions: Mix thoroughly ½ cup uncooked rice, ¼ cup Epsom salt, 1 cup dried lavender buds, and 40 drops Lavender essential oil. Spoon mixture into sachets and place anywhere. #diy #recipe #aromatherapy #youngliving #yleo


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Give fatigued feet some much-needed pampering with a diy essential oil-infused foot bath soak! Soak your feet in this luscious blend of Epsom salt and a few drops of essential oils—add it to warm or hot water as you see fit—and let the worries of your day float away! #diy #recipe #aromatherapy #essentialoils #youngliving #yleo *Young Living no longer uses therapeutic grade in our brand marketing.
Eat too much, traveling, or need some extra comfort? Try this DIY happy tummy rub using essential oils! You'll just need to mix 3–4 drops of DiGize essential oil blend with a coin-sized amount of V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex in the palm of your hands. Massage into abdomen in a clockwise direction. #diy #recipe #aromatherapy #health #wellness #essentialoils #youngliving #yleo

Body & Bath Care

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