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jesus standing in front of a cave with the words changed water to wine
The Reality of the Resurrection
Resurrected Jesus - Admire, Love, Trust, Living Because Of, can't say enough!
a painting of a woman lighting a candle
Daniel Gerhartz, 1965 | Impressionist painter
a woman laying on the ground next to a man who is touching her foot with his hand
Paintings by Lars Justinen
"Mary anoints Jesus feet", by Lars Justinen
a painting of two people with sandals on their feet and one person's hand touching the ground
COME INTO THE WORD: A Healing Encounter With Jesus (Mark 5:22-43) - Come Into The Word with Sarah Christmyer | Bible Study | Lectio Divina | Journals | Retreat
The mural fills an entire wall of the Encounter Chapel, which is built on the first-century stone floor of the marketplace at Magdala by the Sea of Galilee. In it, sandals crowd the floor and linen robes brush against the legs and ankles of the men who throng around Jesus. He is a man on …
a painting of a woman in white cloths
Psych Central Expert Blogs on mental health, depression, narcissism, bipolar disorder and more
Luke 8: 48 and he said unto her, Daughter, be of good comfort: thy faith hath made thee whole; Go in peace.
an image of jesus carrying the cross with words above it that say, asexable kreb
You carried all my sins and shortcomings. You gave your life so I could have free access to you. It wasn't free because You gave Your life. Jesus. Jesus. You paid the ransom for me. I will live my life for You.
a painting of jesus with his hands folded over his chest and looking down at the ground
greg olsen art
Jesus answered, "It is written: 'Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.'" (Michael Dudash - Not by Bread Alone)
a painting of a woman holding a camera in her right hand and looking down at the ground
Godly Woman Daily
Godly Woman Daily-Alabaster Box
a painting of a woman lighting a candle
Daniel Gerhartz, 1965 | Impressionist painter
Daniel F. Gerhartz, 1965 | American Impressionist Figurative painter