Part 2: 4. The word Niger comes from the latin word meaning "negros". Since Niger flows throughout the land of many nergros the Arabs decided to name it Niger.

Social Influences: In the Nigerian women decorated gourd bowls to protect themselves from the sun

" Là, tout n'est qu'ordre et beauté" ( Baudelaire, l'Invitation au voyage. ) / Peuple Ndebele. / Ndebele people. / Northeastern South Africa.

This young Ndebele girl wears bead rolls and a tasseled apron that she will discard when she is initiated into adulthood. The Ndebele people are descended from and related to the Bantu-speakers who spread all over Africa from the area of present day Camer

Africa | Portrait of a Maasai | © Africa Within

Masai warriors sporting elaborate ceremonial styles consisting of tiny two-strand twists accented with colorful silk roses or sculpted into a bow and arrow shape that may represent a recent lion-hunting victory.