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Archaeologists digging in Greece stumbled upon a love scene years in the making: a man and woman, buried with intertwined arms and legs, as if they were spooning. Experts are still searching for clues as to why the couple was interred so deliberately.

Stage 3 - The PBMP’s first full map for navigation is now online. You can start to explore Pompeii in the map embedded below, or go to the full site for more space and options.

Geological time. This is a great way to show the layers and could work from a history point of view.

Geological Time ©Dylan Gibson, There’s a a way to remember all those names: Camels Often Sit Down Carefully Perhaps Their Joints Creak (Perhaps Effective Oiling Might Prolong Perfect Health)

22 shipwrecks have been found in the Archipelago between Fournoi and Ikaria.

Marine archaeologists have made a "one in a lifetime discovery" after finding 22 ancient shipwrecks near the same Greek archipelago. The Greek and British expedition crew uncovered the wrecks, which date back as far as

Painter's Palette Inscribed with the Name of Amenhotep III. Egypt, 1390–1353 B.C.E. carved from a single piece of ivory, 6 oval wells contain cakes of pigments including blue, green, brown(?), yellow, red, and black. The oval cartouche at one end encircles the throne name of Amenhotep III, Nebmaatre, and the epithet "beloved of Re."

*EGYPT ~ Painter's Palette Inscribed with the Name of Amenhotep III Period: New Kingdom Dynasty: Dynasty 18 Reign: reign of Amenhotep III Date: ca. Geography: probably from Upper Egypt; Country of Origin Egypt Medium: Ivory, pigment

haha this is spot on...buuuuut I like to think I am doing what Indy and Lara do lol

buuuuut I like to think I am doing what Indy and Lara do…