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It's not often, because I try to be aware. But, if I make a mistake, I own it. No one is as hard on me, as me.

If I make a mistake, I'll own it. I am my own toughest critic

I'll be there for you everytime, all you have to do is ask.

I believe this, as when i met my scorpio friend,I thought i wasn't the one they would like, and they did stick with me.

Scorpio are fighters

Things that you must know about a person born under the scorpio zodiac.


a Scorpio will only show you what they want you to see.if it's one sign you never want to lie to it's a Scorpio(I will stab you)

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A Scorpio won’t ask you for anything unless they absolutely need you and don’t have any means of doing it without your help. - WTF ZODIAC SIGNS

If this aint true

Secrets come when you earn my trust. Share my secret and watch what I share about you. Fair is fair. THIS IS VERY VERY VERY TRUE MY "FRIENDS" -emma

If a Scorpio tells you a secret, consider yourself extremely special.

Scorpio Little Secret: They use humor a lot to cover up how pissed or angry they really are.

Yeah and it takes a lot of effort to not punch you in the face instead so you better appreciate people

Like in the time period of 0.5 seconds.

This is the worst zodiac sign ever!

Scorpio traits. Truth.

that's why I want you and your excessive desire of freedom.