Michaell Electronic

Michaell-Electronic Michell Transcriptor - designed by John Michell, who also created the model Discovery spaceship seen in 2001 A Space Odyssey and built the eyes for Star Wars’ classic robot character,

wega 3000

1963 stereophonic system - WEGA 3300 HI-FI - by Vernor Panton - (space era, atomic age, mid century modern, futuristic record player)

b o Beogram 4000

the-eternal-moonshine: BeoGram 4000 Bang & Olufsen , 1972

Transrotor Artus

Strange Rotations : The 8 most eccentric turntables and curious features

diy lego

Kai Mueller from Style Spy has posted DIY instructions for creating a LEGO DJ Booth

Carbon Turntable

Carbon Turntable

Electrohome vinyl

Take a peek inside celebrity stylist Shirley Kurata's home with these pictures on

Tree trunk

Silvan Audio Workshop by Kent Walter — Father and son team creates gorgeous turntables from the cross-section of trees