Antipaxoi Voutoumi  Greece

Stunning beach and warm waters. The most spectacular private yachts dock here.

Elafonisi Beach, Crete

100 Colors Exhibition - Japan

Elafonisi Beach, Crete, The Cool Hunter - Amazing Places To Experience Around the Globe (Part


INSANO- The worlds highest water slide standing at 41 meters high, thats equivalent to a 14 story building! Its a quick second drop and you can reach speeds up to Fortaleza, Brazil

fields of Holland

The crocuses are blooming and tulips are on the way. (Wiki) Tulips are spring-blooming perennials that grow from bulbs. Depending on the species, tulip plants can grow as short as 4 inches cm) or as high as 28 inches cm). Most tulips produce.

World’s Largest pool

Worlds Largest Pool picture by in album Largest Things on Earth - Extreme Photography