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Procrastination goddess
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You guys don't understand how exciting it is when I get a notification like "_____ has commented on your pin".

Honestly, nothing makes me happier when people comment on my pins and want to talk to me. You're always welcome to send me a message and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!

How Well Do You Really Know Yourself? - YouTube

How Well Do You Really Know Yourself? - I knew the outcome. MBTI is the only real personality test simply because it is based off of your own preferences and leaves room for varying degrees and adaptability and not off of some stupid pseudoscience.

Ladies and gentlemen, Russell Howard.

My favourite comedian Has to be Russell Howard. But as a Brit it is Reckon not recon.

Today's News: Chinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Advisors vow to boboboboboboboboboo

Breaking news: chinaaaaaa, advisors vow to bobobobo - Meme Collection

Deadman Wonderland: Ganta is falsely accused of murdering his class, which he has no idea how they died. Now sent to the prison 'Deadman Wonderland'. An amusement park themed place for the insane, where life becomes a sick game with no freedom.