Procrastination goddess

Procrastination goddess

Procrastination goddess
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How Well Do You Really Know Yourself? - YouTube

How Well Do You Really Know Yourself? MBTI is the only real personality test simply because it is based off of your own preferences and leaves room for varying degrees and adaptability and not off of some stupid pseudoscience.

Every letter and numeral in English is in this diagram. Every English language book you've ever read is right there. *brain explodes* edited to add: if you can't find a letter, read the comments, someone has probably explained where to find what you're l

Today's News: Chinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Advisors vow to boboboboboboboboboo

Funny pictures about Chinese News. Oh, and cool pics about Chinese News. Also, Chinese News photos.

Deadman Wonderland: Ganta is falsely accused of murdering his class, which he has no idea how they died. Now sent to the prison 'Deadman Wonderland'. An amusement park themed place for the insane, where life becomes a sick game with no freedom.

Why Does February Only Have 28 Days? - YouTube

Have you ever wondered why February has only 28 days and other months have 30 or Find out in this interesting video that has something to do with history, astronomy and politics.