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Sometimes this is true, but sometimes you need them to tell you so that you can be reminded of who you are

This image lists down the common emotions/values associated with the colour black. These traits/adjectives include: sophistication, intimidation and secrecy.

Mhmmmm... You best be doing things like this. ;) Love me for me!

These are all things that you would do for me. I love that you're such a gentleman! The only things we haven't done are the fair (which is plenty fine) and teaching me something new (we have to find a junkier stick shift first.


How many accounts do you have, and why? Are you in prison? Or, Senior daycare? Just me being curious, no one with a true life has that much time available.

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Why did I send that video ughhhh look so noobish haha XP lol I can't believe u like that. Cringeeee did u save it

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