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a large white table sitting in the middle of a room next to a round mirror
Beauty Lounge Spa Design
two display cases in the middle of a room with red walls and gold trimmings
DIMORESTUDIO, Paola Pansini · Pomellato
three round tables with circular glass tops on the floor in front of mirrors and vases
the inside of a jewelry store with circular display cases
Inside Cartier’s new Bond Street store, complete with cocktail bar and VIP ‘boudoir’
the inside of a clothing store with glass tables
three glass shelves with decorative items in them
an image of a display case with jewelry on it
an empty room with several vases and bottles on the wall, along with shelves
Mediterranean fragrances evoked by a renewed stone
two small wooden figures on a white and beige wall next to a hook with an arrow
One Oxford
there is a potted plant in the corner of this room with two stools
- Stories Oud Zuid -
an empty room with white walls and wooden shelves on either side of the wall is a curved glass display case
By Charlotte