Can you feel me when I think about you?

60 Missing You Quotes and Sayings Have you been missing someone really bad lately? Longing to see or to talk with that person and when you know it’s impossible, you try to ignore the feeling but realize it’s hard to…

Ποτέ μα ποτέ.

lensblr-network: “ Sunset palette over the Atlantic by David Zheng ” WOW, unbelievable. Over 4000 notes =)

You can forget a person. ..but never the songs that remind of him

You can forget a person.but never the songs that remind of him

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better things

Better things and better days are coming. They're coming sooner then you , me or oneself think.everyday is a better day that brings beter things for all who await. I approve this quote, because of better things and better days ahead ++ amen ++