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15 Healthy Snacks, Lunch & Dinner Recipes for Summer

12 asparagus spears 6 prosciutto slices Cut prosciutto strips in half lengthways. Wrap the bottom end of prosciutto over the asparagus start rolling in a spiral up, leaving tip exposed. Fry wrapped asparagus spears until prosciutto is brown and crispy.


An adventurous life does not necessarily mean climbing mountains, swimming with sharks or jumping off cliffs. It means risking yourself by leaving a little piece of you behind in all those you meet along the way. ~ God is Heart

9 Little struggles  only South Africans will understand

South Africans in London are urged to unite in Trafalgar Square at on Saturday 13 June 2015 for the launch of the SAY We Can campaign to show their support for a positive future for South Africa.