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ζωδια Σ/Κ 14-15/10 Love is in the Air

"She grew up too fast. To survive long enough to reach Neverland, they'll have to form an unstable trust." Dust, Heirs of Neverland Book By Kara Swanson and Alysia Maxwell

ταρω – ζωδια του αέρα – Οκτώβριος 2017

Birth of the Goddess of Wind.the ill-fated Goddess whose soul Bulma will soon come to become one with. Birth of the Mighty Goddess of wind

Αστρολογια 02-05/10 Ερωτικες Εντασεις

Αστρολογια 02-05/10 Ερωτικες Εντασεις

Soulmates -Twinflames, What the runner chaser really means, can they reunite after years of running? Can twinflame heal their broken relationship

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Candyland, Landscape, Twin Flames, Link, Clouds, Pc, Sunsets, Silhouettes

Beating more than 3 billion times in the average person’s life, your heart works hard for you. Take good care of it! Learn more at our Lecture Series: Your Heart & Cardiovascular Health.

Imagine- Water Dream by Visii